Sunday, June 5, 2011

Boys New Blogs

To continue to follow Sasha, Niko, and Easton, please visit their personal blogs:




Please continue to pray for these boys to find families and continue to advocate for them and orphans in Eastern Europe.
Additionally funds can still be raised on their personal blogs via the chip in button.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

And the Winners Are...

First...I must thank ALL you wonderful friends who donated prizes, spread the word, and gave to Sasha, Niko, and Easton's grant fund. 

Because of YOUR generosity...these little guys have a chance!  Thank You!

Before I reveal the winners of these awesome prizes...
...I must share with you how the Lord has provided for these boys.

Total raised for Sasha...$2,562.66
Total raised for Niko...$2,542.66
Total raised for Easton...$2,491.66
Total raised...$7,596.98   YEAH!!!

Now...back to the main event

Up first...the iPad

And the winner is....

Next...the proud owner of an iPod is...

And the winner of the Wii is...

Finally...the lucky person who is going to be doing
some major shopping is...

If you are the proud new owner of one of these awesome prizes...please contact me at: and I will get your prize to you!

Drawing Today

Video Drawing today will be posted here. Please continue to spread these boys blog and story to help them find a families.
These 3 boys desperately need a families.
Take a few moments and read this blog post from a study of 136 Romanian children in both government-run orphanages and high-quality foster care
"....The initial assessments found children in conditions so wrenching, Nelson said, that researchers had a rule that they wouldn’t cry in front of the children and sometimes had to excuse themselves to step out of the room.
Babies under age 1 or 2 spent their days lying on their backs, staring at the blank ceiling over their cribs, leading to a high prevalence of crossed eyes, which went away as they got older, became more active, and exercised their eye muscles.
Caregiver ratios were high, with one caregiver to 15 babies, and one caregiver to 20 to 25 toddlers. Conditions tended to be better at urban institutions, but in some rural institutions, Nelson said, children were chained to the beds for years on end.
“On the whole it was just breathtakingly awful,” Nelson said. “One of the eeriest things about these institutions is how quiet they are. Nobody’s crying.....Eight million orphaned and abandoned children live in government-run institutions, sometimes in horrific conditions that take a lasting physical and mental toll.  The number are increasing."
For the full blog post please visit:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Who are Sasha & Nikolai & Easton?

Sasha's, Nikolai's, and Easton's stories are similiar and so is their fate if not adopted. They are NOT brothers, but they are all orphans. That means they do not have a mom or a dad, or anyone that is willing to take them in. They have no one that cares about them, no one to look out for them, and no one to call their family. They all live in an orphanage in Eastern Europe. They all are subjected to the daily life in an orphanage. I would like
to encourage you to read more about 2 accounts of orphanage life in Ukraine.
"Immediately after walking into the orphanage, the stench of urine and feces hit me square in the face. The surreal sounds of screaming, laughing and moaning were a constant din in the background. Boys of all ages, with varying levels of physical impairment, sat huddled together on benches. One of them was standing in a puddle of his own urine." please read the rest at
"On warm days, 20 plus boys will be led to this shed.  20 plus boys will go inside this shed.  A bench will be placed across the door so that they will not be allowed to leave.   Then, those 20 plus boys will do nothing.  They will sit inside that shed.  They will sit.  They will rock.  They will cry out.  They will moan.  They will stare at the walls.  They will hit each other.  They will hit themselves.  They will sit.  They will sit.  They will wait.  After hours of sitting they will get to leave for another shed, to eat.  They will be forced to eat quickly so that they can be led back to this shed.  To do Nothing"

Sasha and Nikolai were very close to having a family. They were days away from meeting their soon to be mom and dad. For unknown reasons, the family chose not to come, that meeting never happened.
Easton had a family trying to come for him, but the country they are from did not allow the adoption.

Sasha and Nikolai are children with special needs.
Sasha was born with a mild heart condition, and it has been suggested by his facial features that he may have fetal alchol syndrome. or/
Nikolai has a bladder condition that indicates a abnormality. He is also congnatively delayed and needs help with his speech. or/

Both of these boys NEED famlies. They can be adopted together or apart, but the fact is, these boys need a chance. Would you be the one to give it to them?
For more information please contact:


"Easton is a sweet little boy who was born wtih CP.  He is quite high functioning, able to walk and play independently, even ride a rocking horse!   He is considered very smart.  He does have some strabismus, and will greatly benefit from having a loving family of his own. "
 From an adoptive family who visited with him in October 2010:  " Easton is VERY active, he loves to laugh and he loves to play
with trucks. He seems almost silly but he loves attention. He and Alina are buddies, they seem to play well together and she gets really excited when she sees him. If you speak to him he listens intently and really studies your face.  He's a cute cute cute little boy!"

Easton desperatly needs a family. All these boys do, the facts remain and they have little chance to be adopted. All 3 of these boys are older, they all have special needs, and they are boys. These 3 things decrease their chances significantly to ever have a family come for them.

For more information on Easton, please contact:

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What is Project Hopeful? What is Reeces Rainbow?

"Project Hopeful is not for profit ministry that educates, encourages, and enables families adopting children with HIV/AIDS. Every orphaned child hopes for a family and a home. The reality for many children with HIV/AIDS and other special needs is that the chances of having that dream materialize are slim."* Project Hopeful works to advocate for children with HIV/AIDS and special needs to make that dream a reality for those children.
To learn more about Project Hopeful, please visit:

Reeces Rainbow is a ministry that advocates for children with downsyndrome and special needs.  They promote international adoption of children with Down syndrome and special needs.
"The primary focus of Reece's Rainbow is to raise grant funds and promote the international adoption and rescue of children with Down syndrome in particular."*
To learn more about Reeces Rainbow, please visit:

What is a FIG advocate?

FIG stands for "Family in the Gap."
Our role as a FIG advocate is to:
  • commit to praying regularly for Sasha & Nikolai to find a forever family
  • spread awareness about them and be instrumental in helping locate a family for them
  • raise money for Sasha & Nikolai's adoption fund to help eliminate financial barriers presented by adoption
The FIG program is headed by Project Hopeful
please contact for more information about the FIG program!